Wedding Ideas: Make Your Wedding Photos More Memorable

Wedding photos will be among the souvenirs and concrete reminders of your very special day. While plain photo prints are okay, there are many ways on how to make your wedding pictures more unique and memorable. Check these out weddings in phuket.


Wedding photo art

Your best wedding photo can be made into a work of art with a unique texture. This can be done by having it printed in a canvas. The texture of the medium will give the picture a nice spin. You can hang this on the bedroom or wherever you want.

Wedding caricature

Give your wedding photo a twist by having it converted to a cartoon style image. There are shops that do this for a fee.

 Wedding postage stamp

Your wedding photo can also be made more personal by turning it to an actual postage stamp. This can seal your holiday cards and be used whenever you use the post.

Wedding postcard

You can instantly turn a photograph into a thank you postcard. This can be used as a wedding favor on its own wedding dream makers . Opt for a black and white or a sepia effect for more oomph.

Digital wedding scrapbook

There are wedding websites that allow a user to put pictures together along with captions and accents—-like a true scrapbook.

Wedding photo slideshow

You also have the option to compile all your destination wedding pictures in one file. You can keep them for yourself or give your guests a copy as a wedding favor. With the technology nowadays, this should not be very difficult. To make it more interesting, include the songs you played on your wedding. That will give it a nice touch.

You can do a lot of things with your wedding pictures to make them more special and presentable. A few artistic input and craftsmanship can turn a simple wedding photo print to a memento worth keeping. Whatever you do, don’t go over the top. Keep it simple and personal. This way your wedding photos will be a joy to look at over and over again. Please visit for more information